How Ibex Hill has changed

Let’s take a look at Ibex Hill – one of the areas that has changed significantly over time.  From tracts of farm land and large family holdings to single large houses and duplexes and apartments in complexes, the establishment of the American Embassy and, subsequently, the New Apostolic Church, drove a significant jump in value and prestige.

Looking through satellite imagery of the area along Main Street, we can clearly see the development stages – and as recently as 2009 the road was still not even tarred, and over the last five years we have seen an increase in the value of properties.

2009   |   2016


Ibex Hill provides a fairly typical example of the events that can drive increase in value to properties in area: the arrival of a major or prestigous employer or landmark (office complex, upmarket or large mall, presitigous school, NGO or Government Head Quarters), followed by enhancements to the road infrastructure in the vicinity.